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by Josh Fonger Bottlenecking, or preventing a company from growing into the success it could be, is a common pitfall among business owners. When coaching a recent client I asked, “What three roadblocks will I encounter when implementing documented systems into your business?” the three answers I got back were humbly honest and signified a […]

A business writer can get all wrapped up in analogy and metaphor and I try to avoid going down that road too far, but the dog-and-tail comparison is too vivid not to exploit.  In this post I build around the premise that the most important leadership tasks are to establish clear direction for the organization and then to convince […]

Here’s the second of three “pointed mechanical recommendation” posts, intended to help you become Hyper-Efficient. Everything you’ll need to implement this particular communication tool is here. If you’re a busy business owner or manager, it will be worth your time to slow down and contemplate this post. EVM will change your life if you can grasp what it can do and then put […]

(Go here to read the Introduction to the series.) The Point of Sale concept is integral to the nine other Systems Mindset concepts that will follow. Ultimately, getting solid control of one’s life is the goal and the Point of Sale posture is an essential ingredient in pulling that off…. Point of Sale The Point of Sale (POS) principle has always been […]

Linda and I are in a London hotel as I write this. It’s 1:00am Wednesday morning. We arrived here early this afternoon. It was a twelve hour flight over nine time zones from Seattle to Paris, and then one hour and one zone back to London.

If you like what follows, I shamelessly ask you to pass it on. I’m optimistic the U.S. Government machine can be fixed. Term limits. No earmarks. Flat tax. Privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and return General Motors, Chrysler and AIG to the private sector. Less bureaucratic regulation and mandating. Proper federalism, giving more responsibility to […]

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