The most efficient way for a business owner to move their business forward is to simplify and systemize the day-to-day operations. Lisa Lansing, founder of Dynamix Business Solutions, has proven methodologies and strategies that will help enhance your business, improve teamwork, and ultimately save time and money.

After leaving the corporate world over 20 years ago, Lisa has owned her own businesses and helped other business owners achieve their goals. Her background is in project management and developing and implementing processes and systems for businesses, so they run smoothly and efficiently, even in a remote capacity. Her passion is to help business owners increase efficiency, create structure, eliminate waste, and build a sustainable and scalable business that is not 100% reliant on you so you can live a life you love.

She has been where you are … She has been guilty of wearing too many hats, trying to juggle a multitude of people, projects, and processes, and NOT doing her BEST at any one thing. At one point, Lisa had no control of her time and was constantly working long hours, missing time and events with her family.

Her ah-ha moment happened when she realized that bringing the CHAOS into order was the key. She became an expert at organizing and systemizing her businesses and personal life, which turned it all around.

How She Can Serve You

Lisa’s coaching will:

  • Show you how to organize your business so you can GET MORE DONE without frustration
  • Train you how to create more time with strategies she has used with her clients and in her own businesses
  • Guide and train you on how to capture and implement systems (step-by-step processes) so your business can run smoother and become sustainable
  • Show you how to identify where you are stuck and what strategies and systems to put in place to help transform your business, so you are not working all day, every day
  • Help you identify the best environment for your business whether that is remote, in an office, or a hybrid approach (a little of both); plus you’ll learn how to implement this strategy to get on the right track
  • Show you how to take a vacation and be totally unplugged

Being a lifelong learner is who Lisa is. She is all about sharing what she has been taught and learning from those who are smarter than her.

RESULTS: Goals are about the results you want to achieve; SYSTEMS are about the processes that lead to those results.




  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Workshops
  • Outsource Business Systems Manager


  • Insurance/Finance
  • Legal
  • Government

Contact Information:

Company: Dynamix Business Solutions
Phone: (321)-480-1070


Certification: Trainual
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