Our Approach

    With products and services for startups, to one-on-one consulting to multi-nationals with 500M or more in annual revenue, our goal is to quickly increase your bottom line to eclipse our fees geometrically.

  1. We don’t focus on, nor promulgate, business theory. Our work is based on Sam Carpenter’s proven and reliable system improvement methodology as described in his book, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.Work the System Consultants has developed a unique protocol for permanently installing major and minor systems strategies in the shortest possible time, with the largest possible impact. The Systems Methodology has been validated through implementation in hundreds of different industries in every corner of the globe. If you are committed to increasing your bottom line via the systems mindset, here are some of the changes you can expect:

    • A transformation from being directionally scattered, to being intensely focused.
    • A broad agreement on work-methods, so all personnel are using the same system-improvement operating guidelines.
    • A profound adjustment in attention, moving from various assorted concepts of what is to be accomplished, to a focus level in which all personnel are focused on the perfection of internal systems.
    • A newfound drive for super-efficiency in which staff become obsessed with structural excellence via the system improvement methodology.
    • Retention of the top-down management structure, but with a powerful bottom-up element that encourages front-line and mid-management personnel to pass “up” their system improvement ideas to management.
    • Key internal drivers instilled in the culture making for an overall penchant for simplicity, assertiveness, and quick adaptive action, all the while adhering to the protocols of the Strategic Objective and Operating Principles.
    • A boost in morale as each staff member becomes intimate with his or her specific tasks, and each has a significant voice in continuously making them better.
    • Major increases in communication speed, clarity and potency as systematic protocols are put into place.
    • The ability to recruit the best employees, train them quickly and thoroughly, and reduce turnover.
    • A new capacity for scaling the company: growing will be easier, systematic, of greater magnitude and highly profitable.
    • An increase in the quality of customer service as operations runs like clockwork and with far fewer headaches.
    • Ultimately, as a result of working with Work the System Consultants, your company can expect increases in recurring revenue coupled with decreases in cost, period. Notwithstanding the ups and downs of the business environment that are out of our control, and with the obligatory disclaimer that we can’t guarantee any particular outcome because of all those variables, our consulting clients can expect bottom line revenues to increase substantially as the working environment becomes calm, smooth and efficient…like never before. If you are interested in more sales, better team morale, enhanced technology, incredibly efficient internal communications, better hires, lightning fast training, premier customer service, a boost in margins, faster production times, and ultimately a solid bottom line built on the framework of documentation that keeps getting better and better with time, then consider one of the following options for working with WTSC:
  2. Business Assessment

    Are you unhappy with the results your company is currently producing? Do you feel that your company has enormous untapped potential? If so, our WTSC Business Assessment is the perfect place to start.

  3. During this one or two day assessment we’ll review your Strategy, Culture, Management, Sales, Operations, Communications, Product/Service Quality, Waste, Measurements, HR, Training, Marketing, Documentation, Technology, Customer Service and any other area that may be a bottleneck to more revenue and profit. We will then immediately use our findings to develop a systematic plan to both quickly eradicate the constraints that are suppressing your current results, and provide you with specific actionable steps for getting the results you desire. Depending on where your company is, we may work on …

    • Developing, or refining, your Strategic Objective so that it motives, inspires, and makes your company more money.
    • Rallying your team around Operating Principles that engage and empower.
    • “Templating” your documentation creation process for clean, clear, concise process implementation throughout your organization.
    • Developing/reviewing/implementing/training/tweaking process improvements in any of the following areas:
      – HR, Accounting, Sales, Operations, Administration, Marketing, R & D, Quality Control, etc.
    • Creating new communication guidelines, tools and protocols. (This is a particularly powerful element of the WTS methodology.)

    If you believe a WTSC Business Assessment would benefit your company, send us an email at:, or fill out the form on the right side of the page.

  4. Breakthrough Day

    Our popular WTSC Breakthrough Day is a two day on-site workshop for you and your management team that will show you how to permanently embed the systems mindset into your business culture. This isn’t a feel-good performance. It’s a mechanical game-changer for you personally, and for your business.

  5. As a result of this powerful event, you will:

    • Quickly establish direction
    • Determine your core principles of operation
    • Identify critical systems
    • Discover the blueprint for documenting them
    • Mechanically bury chaos-producing problems once and for all

    There’s LOTS of take-away. This is a perfect forum for determining whether our Premier Consulting program is for you. As a bonus, included is lifetime access to the Work the System Academy program which will keep you and your core team on track. If you believe a WTSC Breakthrough Day would benefit your company, send us an email at:, or fill out the form on the right side of the page.


    Premier Consulting

    We work with a handful of select companies with gross annual revenues of at least 10M in annual revenue. (We’ve consulted to the leadership of companies with grosses up to 500M.) It’s challenging to change a company culture, but if you want to quickly get it done once and for all, WTSC Premier on-site consulting is the answer. Whatever the revenue stream you have developed, the profit margin and workplace comportment improvements will be profound, and these gains will come fast.

  1. During this process, Sam will personally assist you, the owner/CEO, in the development and refinement of the Strategic Objective and Operating Principles, while Josh Fonger will work relentlessly with your executives and managers to produce the necessary Working Procedures/SOPs. And in the end, “the financials will take care of themselves.”

    Unlike other business consultants, when we’re done we’re done. You won’t need our intense involvement anymore because the mechanical changes will be permanent, with the systems mindset thread forever entwined within the fabric of your business. This is not your typical consultancy theory of operation where the outsider becomes a semi-permanent part of the business. This is the methodology as described in Work the System that has literally transformed companies from all around the world. Virtually all of our consultant clients came to us after reading Sam’s book. Their request is typically this: “I read your book, Sam. Help me do that with my company.”

    During the WTSC Premier Consulting engagement, we follow a specific step-by-step sequence to insure a 100% success rate. In the typical engagement of four to six months, there are a minimum of four on-site visits, as well as weekly one-on-one telephone or Skype coaching with each of your managers individually.

    From leadership to the front lines, we’re experts at installing a culture of super-efficient systems methodology. Bottom-line gains will quickly eclipse our fees.

    We’re selective in choosing clients. We only engage in projects we are certain to be successful. Through the project, we must have a direct ongoing connection with ownership/leadership. We work with no more than three clients at a time. Now, in June 2014, we have the capacity to handle one more additional client.

    Contact us to discuss your situation. If you believe your company would be a good candidate for WTSC Premier Consulting, send us an email:, or fill out the form on the right side of the page.


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Training Workshops

    Are you satisfied with the overall progress and growth your company is experiencing, but you feel that you could use help in one or two specific areas? Then you may want to consider one of our custom tailored WTSC Training Workshops.

  1. These workshops are custom and specifically design-based to your needs. You, your management team, and your staff will leave the workshop with a clear plan of action. As with all our work, this will not be theory – this will be proven methodology. Here are a few examples of WTSC Training Workshops:

    • How to Document and Scale Your Business with Systems
    • Hyper-Communications
    • Killing Chaos & Boosting Personal Productivity
    • How to “get” the WTS Mindset
    • Creating and maintaining a Culture of Continuous System Improvement

    For more information, contact us at:, or fill out the form on the right side of the page.

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