Part 2 of a 2 part series In Part 1 of this series on employee drug testing, I suggested that a manager/business owner should ask this question: Notwithstanding all the positive attributes that contribute toward the success of my enterprise, am I sabotaging myself elsewhere?

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series I am beginning a series of posts on business and work and this two-part drug testing series is a very good place to start. Why? This is counter-intuitive: Drug testing is not “the secret of our success” but it’s the most important reason we are not failing. There’s […]

Just now I read a post in a popular blog entitled “A Beautiful Method of Finding Peace of Mind.” There was the obligatory photo of the obligatory angelic young girl in the obligatory prayer pose, and the piece carried the weight of being penned by a well known new-agey life-Guru. The post suggested this mind-tweak: Go through life deliberately seeing […]

It was 40 years ago today.  Each August 15th in  ’79, ’89, ’99 and now ’09 has generated a distinctly different perspective on my life and on what happened back there. There have always been good memories: The mid-August sun and the hoard of good natured people, the music, and that we all knew we were in the […]

A single word can be co-opted by a politician. Today, it’s Barack Obama’s use of the word “extraordinary,” as he refers to certain preferred individuals and groups. In 1979, it was Jimmy Carter’s “malaise,” as he used the word to describe his view of the general comportment of the American people. Jimmy’s usage rendered the […]

From a systems/mechanical standpoint, consider these questions: Why is finding personal freedom and power so difficult? What is the most common reason for failing to get what one wants? Politics. How can one judge events from a non-ideological standpoint? What’s best, more government or less government?

“There are three enormous tasks that strategic leaders have to get right” Patraeus said one night in Baghdad. “The first is to get the big ideas right. The second is to communicate the big ideas throughout the organization. The third is to ensure proper execution of the big ideas.” -From the book The Gamble by […]

The systems insight arrived because I was under enormous mental and physical pressure. Until that late-night revelation, my strategy was to approach life with a bulldog, damn-the-torpedoes, pound-the moles, I’m-so-damn-clever persona. It was a toxic brew of arrogance and ignorance—perhaps the most noxious combination of negative human traits. The seething chaos had reared up and […]

For any recurring problem, there is a path to sorting things out: Take the inefficient system apart and fix the pieces one by one. Sleep intertwines with numerous other biological, social, and relationship processes, but in that broad conception, one can’t begin to find a solution to improving it. What did I do via systems […]

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