By Julio Graham It’s pretty common knowledge that when a business implements better systems, they see more consistent results. Despite this, many companies fail to systemize their internal processes, leading to hefty bottlenecks and unexpected challenges. When you leave your processes in the infantile stages, your business is going to struggle to get running — […]

By Sharon Cully Have you been thinking about putting processes into your business, but haven’t quite got around to it yet? You’ve heard the success stories, but feel you’re not quite ready to take that step yet – you’re not sure your business is at a point it can be systemized yet, or you’re worried […]

With your new Systems Mindset, procrastination will be gone forever. Overcoming your natural tendency to procrastinate is a simple thing, but first you’ll need to get an outside-and-slightly-elevated perspective. This is a perspective based on hard reality; a viewpoint that is no longer swayed by excuses. Whenever I’m pushing a coaching student to the next […]

by Josh Fonger Bottlenecking, or preventing a company from growing into the success it could be, is a common pitfall among business owners. When coaching a recent client I asked, “What three roadblocks will I encounter when implementing documented systems into your business?” the three answers I got back were humbly honest and signified a […]

Note: Readership of this blog stretches to over 150 countries and as we prepared to post this particular essay I realized the message is most applicable to parents in the western world…parents who have the time and money to over-complicate things. In much of the developing world where basic survival is the challenge, parents will viscerally understand this mechanical sensibility because […]

I had arthroscopic shoulder surgery yesterday. They put me down, spent an hour snaking tubes into my right shoulder joint, took out some loose bone debris, wheeled me back to recovery, and then I woke up and a friend drove me home

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