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Attention: Business owners who want to stop owning a job and start owning a business.

For the past 10 years, we’ve been hosting a unique coaching group that practically forces our students to reduce chaos, increase profit, and build stable businesses run on systems and processes.

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Coaching Proven to Drive Results

A survey of WTS Transformational Group Coaching graduates found...

These results are self-reported from WTS Group Coaching clients and have not been verified. Your results will vary, depending on numerous factors, including your implementation of the program’s strategies, processes, and procedures.

From: Josh Fonger
Scottsdale, AZ
April, 2021

Dear Business Owner,

Are you ready to make a transformation? Or, are you happy spending all day dealing with chaos in your business?

If you’re like many of the business owners I’ve seen, you’re working every hour of the day trying to keep your head above water, yet your company is littered with repeated errors and inconsistent results. No matter how hard you work, the problems keep raining down.

The issue is that while you’re busy plugging up holes and bailing water out of the boat, there’s no visionary at the helm. No wonder your ship’s steering off course. Without you captaining the vessel, you can’t get yourself to calmer water — nothing will ever be smooth sailing.

But, if you’re serious about making real change in your company so that you can finally step out of the day-to-day and get back to the wheel, now’s your chance with our WTS 120-Day Transformational Group Coaching (TGC) Live Program.

Breaking it down step-by-step, this program will give you the proven methodologies and tools to build robust systems that help you to stabilize your company and scale your profits while finally taking control of your time.

This methodology has helped 700+ companies from countless industries all across the globe who were all in the same boat as you — overwhelmed, overworked, and underperforming. Now they’re thriving and you will be too by enrolling in our Transformational Group Coaching Live Program.

Why We Started This

While our book, Work the System, provides an in-depth primer to help entrepreneurs take control of their systems, it became abundantly clear that people needed help getting started.

The problem is that conventional one-on-one business consulting and coaching is so expensive that it’s out of the question for most small business owners and new entrepreneurs. This leaves them floundering, trying to surmount huge challenges all by themselves.

We’d previously focused our attention on working with larger companies to implement the Work the System methodology. While we were seeing (and are still seeing) exceptional results, we realized that the $100K+ price tag meant that small business owners couldn’t benefit from this profound transformation.

We needed an effective solution that was affordable and accessible to everyone — no matter the size of their company.

We decided it was time to offer an online solution tailored to small business owners who needed help taking control of their systems to regain authority over their businesses.

The WTS 120-Day Transformational Group Coaching (TGC) Live Program was born.

Fast-forward 10 years later and we’ve run the program more times than we can count, tweaking and improving the materials as we learn.

We’ve now helped countless small business owners understand and implement this proven method to completely transform their businesses.

Don’t take it from us, take it from them:

What WTS Group Coaching Students Say…

Miranda Burnet, Flash Tattoos

I can’t say enough about Josh’s insight and ability to provide highly actionable advice. When I first started my company, it was just me and I was merely flying by the seat of my pants and hoping for the best. Less than a year later, thanks in large part to my coaching with Josh, I have a thriving million dollar business and a great staff who are helping the business grow even more each day. Work the System Coaching was one of the best investments I’ve ever made!

Chris Kresser M.S., L.Ac, California Center for Functional Medicine

Josh has been coaching us in implementing the Work the System methodology in our busy medical clinic. We’ve already seen tremendous improvements in efficiency and consistency, reduction of mistakes, and the ability to get new hires up to speed quickly. Josh’s insight and support along the way have been invaluable—I can’t recommend him enough.

Sherry Tolbert, Tolbert CPA

“I have purchased many tools, classes, books, etc. to get my office running more smoothly but really haven’t seen a strong impact from any of them… This is the first program that actually told me to not just “set up systems,” but to actually name the required systems and detail how to set them up. Priorities, bringing staff on board, templates – it’s all there…Thanks for all you’ve done for our firm!”

Brandon Roggow, Habitat Health & Fitness

Having Josh as a coach has been awesome! My sales have gone up 24% in the last 4 months and I’m spending less and less time at the office… As a side bonus, I’ve kicked my caffeine addiction and made some personal life tweaks that have had a major impact on the home-front.

What is the WTS 120-Day Transformational Group Coaching (TGC) Live! Program?

WTS 120-Day Transformational Group Coaching (TGC) Live! is a 4-month intensive coaching program that’s designed to transform small businesses.

The program is made up of 17 live interactive group coaching sessions with Josh Fonger and 6 private one-on-one consulting sessions with a trained expert Certified Business Systems Professional. You’ll also get access to all session recordings, templates, resources, guides, and examples.

Created to help iron out the inefficiencies across your business, this coaching program will give you the exact methodologies, tools, and tactics to remove chaos so you can drive sustainable profits and scale your operations.

During this program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify, design, and execute systems and procedures so you can delegate tasks and ensure consistent results
  • Create and refine your business strategy and growth plan to stabilize and scale your company
  • Develop automated systems that reduce waste, drive profits, and improve your customer experience
  • Grow and develop your team by establishing expectations and measurement systems
  • Manage your time and develop better focus to prioritize your workload to initiate growth
  • Take the steps that lead to complete control of your business and team so you can enjoy more peace and less stress
  • And much more!


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What We’ll Cover in the 17 Sessions

  1. Session #1: Get the Paradigm Shift that will Transform Your Life – Introduction and Mindset

    In the first session we’ll introduce you to the Work the System Methodology and discuss the importance of adopting a “systems mindset.” We’ll discuss this new way of thinking until the mindset comes naturally and unforced so you can see reality more accurately.

    We’ll discuss:

    • What the Work the System Methodology really is, and “the systems mindset” that accompanies it.
    • Why it’s important to see the world from a totally new vantage point, one that is “outside and slightly elevated.”
    • Some misconceptions about “control” and why control is actually healthy and positive.
    • How you have an emotional and a mechanical aspect. Get the mechanical part straightened out first, and the emotional part will fall into line afterward.
    • The Work the System Formula: 10% extra work for 120 days, equals 80% less work for a lifetime.
  2. Session #2: Build a Business Strategy that Lasts – Strategic Objective Part 1

    In this session you will use our proven template to craft your Strategic Objective (SO). Your SO is your single most important document. It establishes the direction of your business and overall strategy. I’ll show you how to create a SO that will help you clarify:

    • What your business is (or aspires to be) the best at so you can focus on becoming that.
    • The direction your business is headed so everyone is on the same page.
    • Your unique selling proposition and what your competitive advantages are.
    • Precisely what your service or product is and does for your clients.
    • What you won’t do (your SO will keep you focused, so all your energy in the business is focused in one direction).

    The SO is not a mission statement (which is usually a waste of time). Instead, this single-page document will determine your whole business: the money it grinds out, the employees you have, the clients you serve. Everything. It will be your “guidebook” and is essential for any successful business.


  3. Session #3: Perfect the Strategy for Team Buy-In and Growth – Strategic Objective Part 2

    In this session I will help you refine the Strategic Objective you’ve crafted and answer any questions that may have come up as you produced this vital business document.

    I’ll walk you through:

    • How to refine your Strategic Objective so it’s perfect (Not everything needs to be perfect, but this one does!).
    • The best way to unveil your Strategic Objective to your team so it’s well-received.
    • How to ensure this “sticks” and doesn’t get forgotten like a Mission Statement.
    • The key to making your Strategic Objective memorable so your team knows it by heart.
    • How your team will use your Strategic Objective so they think like you (the owner).

    We’ll also go over examples of Strategic Objectives others have made so you can get ideas on how to tweak yours so it’s perfect.


  4. Session #4: How to Create More Time for Things That Matter Most – Making Time

    Time is your most valuable, non-renewable resource. When managed well you feel there’s always enough time to get the important things done. But when mismanaged, you’ll always feel like you’re behind.

    So in this session you’ll acquire the practical skills that will help you make more time so you can get this program done and finally systematize your business.

    In this session you’ll walk away with:

    • Thought-tools that will empower you to stop thinking like a victim who constantly gets sucked into other people’s agendas and start thinking (and acting) like a CEO.
    • 3 powerful techniques that will allow you to build more time into your schedule.
    • A simple spreadsheet tool to help you better allocate and prioritize your time.
    • A solid understanding of your Biological Prime Time so you can spend time in your most energized state, doing the most important things.
  5. Session #5: Get Your Team to Think (and Act) Like You – Operating Principles Part 1

    Most problems in your business likely stem from poor communication, which in turn stems from a failure to create some fundamental ground rules about how decisions in your business should be made. You may expect your team to act a certain way, because that’s what you would do, but unless you translate your thoughts into concrete principles, it’s unfair to expect that.

    During this session I’ll walk you through the process of creating your General Operating Principles so you can:

    • Empower your staff to make decisions according to the principles you have established without having to check with you every time.
    • Establish everyday protocol within your business (i.e. the way in which you and your staff operate in order to maximize efficiency).
    • Feel a sense of clarity and order about your business, knowing there will finally be congruency between “thought” and “action.”
  6. Session #6: Enable your Team and Delegate Key Decisions – Operating Principles Part 2

    Here’s where we’ll show you how to implement the Operating Principles you created in the last session. We’ll walk through specific examples from actual companies so you can see how this document works in the real world.

    I’ll show you how to:

    • Get the most mileage out of each Operating Principle you create.
    • Use proven techniques to help leverage your principles.
    • Get your team involved so that they “own” these principles too.
    • Convey the “Spirit of the Principles” so you’re not stuck just enforcing the “Letter of the Law.”
  7. Session #7: Get Everyone to Do things the Right Way, Every Time – Working Procedures

    Working Procedures (WPs) are the third critical document in the Work the System Methodology. This session is all about “how” to assemble them. You’ll discover it’s not just about writing what you do, but about ironing out the inefficiencies as you go through the process.

    You’ll discover:

    • The proper way to write a Working Procedure so that you can give it to someone “off the street” and watch them execute it successfully with minimal training.
    • How Sam reduced TSR training time at his company, Centratel, from 6 months to 2 days by documenting exactly what new staff members need to do to perform each task.
    • How to discover micro innovations in every aspect of your business operation.
    • Why organic systems (undocumented ones) will fluctuate in execution, while mechanical systems (documented ones) will remain solid and unchanging.
    • The best place to start documenting your systems/procedures (hint: start with the processes you already do now, then tweak them to produce the exact results you want).
  8. Session #8: Take Charge of your Future and Avoid the Landmines – Leading the Change

    After working with over 700 business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs I’ve learned a valuable lesson: leadership matters! As I’ve worked directly with so many business owners to help them implement the WTS methodology, I’ve observed some common habits, skill-sets and techniques of strong leaders and distilled those observations into a few simple but powerful insights.

    In this session I’ll show you:

    • 6 real-world lessons from companies that struggled to implement the Work the System Methodology due to poor leadership.
    • How to find opportunities to have major wins along the way so you can create positive forward momentum within your team.
    • The critical problems that can derail you from turning your business into a well-oiled machine.
    • The habits of highly effective leaders who were able to implement the Work the System Methodology in their companies.
  9. Session #9: Multiply your Results with Technology – Templates/Technology/Access/Examples

    In this session we’ll talk about the best technology and tools to help you implement and manage the Work the System Methodology in your business. Instead of wasting hours researching and testing tools and technology on your own I’ll show you what works best (remember I’ve done this for hundreds of businesses).

    You’ll be trained on:

    • How Electronic Voicemail can save you at least 2 hours a week in email time (and the apps we use and recommend).
    • How to speed up writing your procedures with system documentation software.
    • The best way to conduct screen share meetings with clients and team members.
    • How to document a “non-written” procedure (e.g. video, visual, audio).
  10. Session #10: Develop the Sales and Marketing Systems for Maximum Growth – Growth Systems

    The Work the System mindset can, and should, be applied to every facet of your business, including sales and marketing. In this session I’ll show you how to design effective systems that will facilitate healthy and sustainable growth for your business.

    This is where we will:

    • Dissect your current sales and marketing funnel so we can properly diagnose any problems. Walk through a process that will allow you to build repeatable sales and marketing systems in your business.
    • Show you how to look at your business growth problems through the Work the System lens to see which elements may be missing, causing you to lose out on increased revenue.
  11. Session #11: The Smart Way to Hire and Train Your Team – People Systems

    You will be using the Work the System framework to hire, train and manage your staff. In this session I’ll show you how to create effective People Systems so you can start:

    • Applying the Work the System methodology in your business right away, creating a calm, serene place to work (a less chaotic and more peaceful environment).
    • Avoiding making hiring mistakes so you don’t disrupt the chemistry you’ll be working so hard to build with your team.
    • Advancing rapid and continued innovation so your staff doesn’t get bored (remember, “stagnation” is your enemy in business).
    • Creating systems for hiring and training so you can reduce the amount of time (and cost) spent in training, while improving the quality.
  12. Session #12: How to Perfect Internal and External Communications – Communication Systems

    There are two root problems in a business. The first is not being clear about desired outcomes and the second is poor communication. In this session you’ll find out how to once and for all solve your communication problems.

    It’s in this session where you will:

    • Develop effective communication guidelines, techniques and protocols so you can communicate clearly and efficiently.
    • Understand why you shouldn’t underestimate the spoken word as a communication tool (and how to avoid using email all the time).
    • Be given tips on how to make your communication more potent (whether in email, voicemail, video, or in person). 
    • Get strategies that will allow you to reduce the quantity and duration of meetings so you can stop wasting valuable company time in unnecessary meetings.
  13. Session #13: Designing a “Wow” Experience for Your Customers – Fulfillment Systems

    The Work the System Method will not just provide immense value to you as a business owner, but it will also improve the experience your clients have. Starbucks is a great example of this. You can see that both employees and customers are happy. Everybody wins!

    In this session we’ll focus on designing the best possible experience for your customers.

    I’ll show you how to:

    • Deliver and control your product offering with excellence.
    • Document everything that happens after the sale so your fulfillment phase is truly top-notch.
    • Get the most margin out of your fulfillment processes using systems and processes.
    • Install Customer Value Optimization techniques, so you can provide as much value as possible.
  14. Session #14: Simple Productivity Strategies for Busy CEOs – Productivity Systems

    Up to this point most of what you’ll have learned has had to do with recurring processes (systems which contain repeating 1, 2, 3 linear steps). But what about all the other “stuff” that comes your way? In this session you’ll learn how to effectively manage everything that happens on a day-to-day basis, including those processes that can’t be shoehorned into any of your working procedures.

    In this session you will be trained on:

    • How to create a simple task management system so you avoid over-thinking and over-engineering this part of your life like most people do.
    • The key points and lessons from David Allen’s Getting Things Done framework for task management and how to integrate that with the Work the System Method.
    • The best way to manage your time, tasks, and projects so you can get things done quickly, efficiently and effectively.
  15. Session #15: Play to Win – Create Compelling Scoreboards – Measurement Systems

    Peter Drucker said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” So if you want to manage your systems properly you must find a way to measure the results. This will also allow you to make incremental improvements as time goes on.

    In this session I’ll show you how to:

    • Install measurement systems and scoreboards in your business.
    • Set up a proper sales and marketing scoreboard so you can keep your “eye on the ball.”
    • Make sure you have “leading indicators” that tell you the health of your business, your systems, and your financials.
    • Set up measurement systems and reports so you know what’s going on with your business without having to be present 24/7.
  16. Session #16: An Amazing Life Starting NOW! – Personal Systems

    The same principles you will have learned for business systems hold true for your personal systems too. In this session we’ll talk about how to apply the Work the System Method to your health, relationships and anything else you do.

    In this part of the program you will:

    • Create a Personal Strategic Objective to iron out the inconsistencies in your life: A kind of simple life plan.
    • Find out how to use WTS techniques to help you improve your health, sleep, family, and overall personal life.
    • Focus on creating new positive habits in your personal life.
    • See how the Work the System method can help you improve your personal finances (budgeting, saving, paying bills on time, etc.).
  17. Session #17: How to Make Your Systems More Potent with Time – Maintenance Systems

    Far before you approach the end of your 4-month training, you’ll notice big improvements in your business and life. However, we want to make sure you experience sustainable improvements over the long haul, and this is done through installing and managing Maintenance Systems.

    In this final session I’ll show you:

    • How to maintain your systems for the long haul so they don’t dry up, die out or go away.
    • Why your systems will get more potent (not less) with time. You want your systems to be like fine wine that improves with age!
    • Specific ideas on how to setup Maintenance Systems to ensure your long-term success.
    • How to create self-sustaining Maintenance Systems that don’t require much time or effort to manage.

Access to all of the Videos, Guides, Templates, and Presentations

If you can't attend one of the live group coaching sessions, that’s OK.

You'll have access to all of the session recordings, guides, templates, and presentations, so you can review the material at any time.

6 One-on-One Coaching Calls

Not only will you get 17 live group coaching sessions with Josh, each program participant also gets six private one-on-one coaching sessions with an experienced Certified Business Systems Professional (cBSP).

A cBSP is a systems expert specifically trained and certified in the Work the System method.

In these sessions, you’ll choose a cBSP to work with on the unique aspects of your business to deal with the individual challenges you may be facing.

Your cBSP will help you to understand issues such as:

  • How to better manage your time to focus your efforts more effectively
  • Cash flow issues that are limiting growth
  • Team dynamics and human resources bottlenecks that are causing your business to stall
  • How to create accountability systems that work for your team
  • Where you need measurement systems to monitor progress and feedback

Not only will you get six 25-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll also be able to email Josh directly at any time.

Email Support: You will have Josh’s private email address and you can email him directly about anything you want while you’re in the program. You can take advantage of this benefit as often as you’d like.

NEW: Systems Mindset Supplementary Support

To amplify the results of your coaching, all participants get access to our supplementary support package while enrolled.

Systems Mindset Mastermind
While enrolled in your group coaching course, you’ll get access to our Systems Mindset Mastermind.

This is a group virtual meeting led by Business Systems Architect, Josh Fonger, where our experienced alumni pose questions about real-world challenges. Josh works directly with the group to tackle these questions head-on, brainstorming actionable solutions to overcome these hurdles.

Systems Mindset Members Center
The Members Center provides you with ongoing access to all current course and curriculum materials, along with all group session video recordings.

There’s also a library of previous course materials and trainings, plus a wealth of extra resources and WTS alumni procedure examples to serve as inspiration for your own systems.

Systems Mindset Mastery Club Private Facebook Group
Mastery Club is a private Facebook group where you join like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners dedicated to growing systematically using the Work the System Method.

Not only will you benefit from the experience and insight of this diverse support network, you’ll also have access to our monthly topical group training sessions, tailored to the needs of the group.



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Questions We’ve Received

Q: What will the 120-Day Transformational Group Coaching (TGC) Live! sessions be like?
Zoom is used so there will be audio and visual elements. Some of the presentations will be discussions, some will be structured lectures, and others will be reviews of group participants’ actual documentation. There are 17 presentation sessions. Sessions are always “live” so you can interact with Josh and the group. (The sessions are not pre-recorded like many online training programs.)

Q: Is there email and/or phone support available during the program?
Yes, there is unlimited email and phone support available.

Q: What if I can't attend some of the sessions?
All live sessions are recorded and then distributed to the group after each session. Also all examples, templates, worksheets, handouts, etc., are delivered to you on a weekly basis.

Q: What will the 6 private one-on-one calls with my coach be like?
You’ll pick an expert coach (cBSP) who best fits with your style of learning and book sessions to meet with them at your convenience. Your cBSP will use these sessions to provide actionable, tactical advice that shapes your customized next steps. These meetings are also designed to hold you accountable and to make sure you’re doing the work needed to ensure your own transformation.

Q: When will I start to see improvements?
Of course this varies, but most coaching clients see initial improvements in efficiency and profits within the first 30 days. But ultimately, you’re putting your business on a new trajectory that will enable it to grow in sales and profit, as well as reduce your efforts month-over-month and year-over-year.

Q: If I have a startup business is it too soon to sign up for this?
If you are serious about designing a business you can scale based on documented systems, and you have a general idea of the path you should follow to accomplish this, then it’s not too early. If your startup is still in the exploratory and experimentation stage, then wait until your business is more developed before embarking on this 120 day program.

Q: What if I own a larger business doing over $3M in annual revenue?
If your business has an annual turnover of over $3 million, please contact our Business Solutions Team to discuss our enterprise options.

Q: OK. Put it in a nutshell. Why should I do this?
Here’s what you can expect from a properly executed systemization: Increase sales and profit margins, remove chaos, eliminate waste, improve internal efficiencies, create a stand-alone business that is separate from you and has intrinsic value as a cash-generating “machine,” decrease the number of hours you spend working, drop personal stress, implement potent sales processes, establish clear direction that is scalable and profitable, watch employees become empowered and enthusiastic about the structure you’ve put in place, find yourself making quick clear-headed decisions….and discover, as a byproduct of the Transformation, that you’re spending far less time killing fires and much more time building your business and your personal life.

Q: What's your refund policy for this program?
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, please contact us within the first 30 days of the start of the program.

We’ve Worked One-on-One With:

(partial list below)

Furniture Stores
Commercial Appraisers
Marketing Businesses
Manufacturing Businesses
Small Business
Big Business
Local Companies
Regional Companies
National Companies
International Companies
Home-based businesses
Data recovery
Custom Cabinetry
Health Supplements
Digital and hard copy magazines
Call Centers
Cargo Handling
Financial Services
Health Care
Motion Picture & Video
Private Equity
Professional Services
Hi Tech
Residential care facilities
Business Services
Heating and cooling
Waste removal
Consulting Firms
Insurance Agents
Energy Companies
Residential Appraisal firms

Website developers
Industrial suppliers
Virtual Businesses
Small Parts Manufacturers
Perishable foods Manufacturers
Fitness Studios
Logistics Businesses
Family Business
Women’s health practitioners
Coaching companies
Network marketing businesses
Advertising agencies
SEO experts
Chemical engineers
Civil Engineering firms
Wealth Planners
Bike Companies
Apparel businesses
Corporate Gifts
Recycling business
Window fabrication
Permitting Experts
Youth Sports
Bowling Centers
Cell phones
Commercial Real Estate investors
Training Academies
Digital Products
Limo and taxi companies
Title corporations
Online Marketers

Amish furniture
GPS Tracking Technologies
Martial Arts
Medical supplies
Hand surgery
Asset recovery
Custom embroidery
Educational curriculum
Lawn Care
App developers
Stock options traders
Furniture importers
Adventure sports
Church Choirs
Power suppliers
Tax Accountants
Amazon Reseller
Cell phone Reseller
eBay Reseller
Personal Development
Stock market trading
Software platforms
Physical Therapy Centers
App developers
University Professors
Naturopathic Medicine
Audio/Video Sales and Installation
Retail Sales
Software companies
Property Managers
Leak Detection
Publicly traded companies
Private companies
Window coverings
Digital Information products
Credit Repair


Quick Recap of What You Get…

  • 17 Group Coaching Live Sessions — Value: $4,250
  • Access to all 17 Recorded Sessions — Value: $1,700
  • 6 Private One-on-One Consulting/Strategy calls with an expert coach— Value: $1,200
  • WTS Systems Mindset Supplementary Support Package — Value: $1,464
  • Accountability and group support from the other like-minded business owners who are on the same journey as you. (Value: priceless!).


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Waiting is a kind of dying. Indecision is a decision. When you let enough time go by as you wring your hands and say, “Well, I just don’t know,” the opportunity will pass and your decision will have been made. Procrastination is the passive assassin of happiness.


More Comments from WTS Coaching Students…

Suzette West, World West Investments Inc.

WTS Coaching has changed the game for my company. We are more productive than ever before. Our conversions from Leads to Opportunities has been unprecedented, and we are all so excited with what the future holds: so much business has developed in response to our lead management system, which was our very first “easy” process to refine and implement while in the program. This coaching program was a very smart investment with benefits that will keep producing for years to come. Very exciting developments! Thank you Sam, Josh, and team!

Adam Kreitman, Words That Click

I got a lot out of reading “Work The System“… but I got so much more out of doing private coaching with Josh. Working together, we got much deeper into systemizing my business, and it’s way more efficient than it would have been just by reading the book. It was totally worth the investment of time/money and I recommend it to anyone who’s serious about making more and working less.

Katrina Jones, Kendall Bailey

WTS Coaching has completely transformed my business, and the way I look at it and work on it. Finally, after a year of searching, I have complete clarity on what a system should look like, and how to successfully incorporate it within my business day to day. The company now has so much more structure, a very clear goal and there are no more distractions. What was once a complicated maze of to-do lists and concerns, is now a clear black & white structure, that runs on figures, reports and facts, rather than emotions, feelings and personal motivation…I can’t thank Josh and Sam enough for the transformation they have caused within my business and within myself.

Eric Schmitz, California Athletic Clubs

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the program. The weekly webinars and the Skype one-on-one calls really assisted me through the intimidating business systemization process. The material that Josh covered was well thought out and covered all aspects of the process. Josh is an outstanding communicator with the perfect set of skills to guide one through the WTS process. I highly recommend any business to enroll in the WTS Group Coaching Program. You will be very impressed with the process that Josh takes you through.

Oli Traustason, MD Orion Eye, Surgery Center

Josh’s coaching was terrific and the presentations and analysis were very helpful. I highly recommend Josh and WTS. My encounter with WTS and his staff was ‘Life Changing.’ Thanks a million.

Mifthas Haris, Virture Infotek Pte. Ltd.

The WTS Transformational Group Coaching program really helped me finally sit down and do something about all this chaos. Last week, I moved out of my function as Product Manager and put one of my staff in the position…

Mark Ainley, GC Realty & Development

Josh and the WTS Coaching program gave our company the clear path to getting our company operating the way we always wished it would …after reading the book multiple times I still wasn’t confident in what to do first or next. Josh and the program took us week by week teaching us what we need to do, what we can expect to happen, and how to navigate obstacles that are common to arise when attempting to transform a company. There isn’t a company or manager in the world that would not benefit from Josh and the Work the System Coaching Program.

TJ Gabriel, Lazy Lunch Ltd

I found the program really helpful to keep me moving along through the material and getting the “heavy lifting” done. Reading the book, being on the webinars and going through the weekly homework and “do it now” sheets really helps to hammer home the message, structure the process of systematizing my business and Josh was always there with answers to questions when I met obstacles.

Bart Patel, Mashiv Inc

Since joining, I have clear direction and a decision making framework that has lent harmony in my mind.

Marcus Santamaria, Shortcut to Spanish

Since working with Josh my business is up 20% and expenses are down 10%. Best of all, I’m working less and finally taking weekends off. Now I can be successful in my business and be an attentive and effective parent as well.

Marius Bicu, Unilact Transilvania SRL

Great content. Changed my life!

Ilana Blank, Mail Boxes Inc.

For me, WTS group Coaching program taught me how to take everything I read in the book and apply it to my business. It helps a lot to go step by step in each session and just focus on the task at hand. It´s a lot of work so it was great to have someone by my side to give me accountability and just help me stay on track

Dr. Tony Cigno, Cigno Family Dental

… thank you Josh, for your guidance and a wonderful program. The one-on-one time was very valuable, and I appreciate your ‘can do’ approach and the way you directed me in the development of my business. It was a very worthwhile investment, I recommend it to everyone!

Jeff Turner, Local CleanUps

The WTS Transformational Coaching program has made my vision of how to get where I’m going more clear, and has given me the confidence and direction to manage and build the infrastructure that I didn’t have before.

Ben Dell, Riebens

…it’s an excellent hands on and easily understandable system that encompasses the more laborious ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System that ensures good business practices. It ensures business owners are not forever self-employed, but can start functioning as fully fledged business owners. (If you understand the distinction.) We all “talk the talk”, but WTS program allows the mind swing to “walk the talk."

Amy Smith, Saratoga Arms Hotel

Josh helped our family business become efficient and lean. The group coaching program was an incredibly worthwhile investment… I can easily recommend Josh and his company to any business looking to create systems, processes and procedures to streamline operations.

John Larsen, Greendays Group

The WTS Group Coaching Program is an exceptional value and probably the single best investment I’ve made in a decade. It has helped me get control of my company and is foundational to Greendays Group’s growth plans.

Abbas Shaikh, Regent Group

Josh & Sam’s WTS Group Coaching session was an EYE OPENER. I would sincerely recommend this program to all SME’s – because as an SME ourselves, quite often companies our size downgrades the importance of systemization, labeling it as a waste of TIME. Josh’s coaching session was convenient, easy to comprehend and implement, interactive and No-Frills attached. We look forward to being a regular in all his future Group Coaching Sessions. Here’s wishing him and his team the very BEST

Carol Bloesser

Before the WTS Transformational Coaching program, I had no clue how I was going to retire from my office and my obligations. I would take time off, but the work just piled up until I took care of it after I returned…it is exciting to see progress!

Adam Sayler, Arthur Winn Property Services

My investment with the WTS program has been very beneficial for the company… It has greatly improved the communication and expectations with our staff, clients and vendors and we continue to refine our systems daily to be as efficient and simple as we can get them… The resources we gained via this training have helped us continue to grow the company. I just wish I had done it sooner!

Steven Marsh, Elizabethan Catering Services

The Webinar content, week by week was superb, and the follow up after each session was very helpful, with a recording of each segment, plus many pertinent attachments to complete the tasks necessary. I am definitely “much the wiser” after our adventure together, and would highly recommend this program to all business owners who truly want to make their business better and more efficient. It does takes a lot of work to complete, but what doesn’t, if you want a better result.

Ahmad Jooma, Jooma Care Homes

Josh is very professional and guides you through creating systems in your workplace with a sense of ease. His experience in the process is obvious and gave me confidence to follow through. I enjoyed our one-on-one calls: the time flew by as Josh presented the material in an engaging and easy to understand manner

Jason Bross, Lifestyle Foods

Using Josh’s systems of automating our business…has changed the way we operate our business!

Timothy Lay, TPA Financial

Step by Step WTS guides you through the process of identifying and articulating your unique process. Thank you for helping me see through the fog of “excess” and find clarity in my purpose.

Matt Torney, Earth and Sky Construction

…priceless benefits! With every bit of progress working the system, I gain back more of my mental focus and energy, lower my stress, sleep more and worry less.

Pascal Wagner, The Facebook and Google Ads Guy

Josh, the program definitely helped me put more of my systems together and actually focus on my business instead of having my focus in my business. I think having the modules spread out …made a huge difference in actually watching and implementing what was covered. It’s definitely helped streamline the quality of our service and has helped the business grow just beyond me. When I first started the program I had 1 employee and it was extremely difficult to get on the same page on how our business runs. Now I have a team of 6 and we’re able to make a lot more progress!

Larry Aull, Pharm. D. Head to Toe, Research and Development

I really enjoyed working with Josh one-on-one… He knows how to keep you focused on the important tasks at hand… There’s something to be said for accountability!

Nicolas Bell, Nick Bell Translations

It’s been great working with Josh – my life has become so much simpler and more enjoyable…thanks to WTS Group Coaching.

David Bardon, Bardon Bowling Centers

I’ve known about the need for, and importance, of having working procedures. We struggled with this for years… Well, that has all changed now. Our manager group (myself included) now has clarity… Thank you so much for getting us on the right track.

Nadjeschda Taranczewski, Circumplex Coaching

The Work The System Group Coaching Program will kick-start professionalizing your business. Regardless of whether you want to create a solid foundation for a business, you want to scale in the future or if you want to reorganize an existing business, the Work The System approach breaks down every step into bite sized chunks that you can start to implement right away. If you are serious about your business, this is the course for you.

John Cruikshank, JMC2 Civil Engineers & Surveyors

After reading the book I realized that this is exactly what my engineering business was lacking over the past 17 years… I just completed the Work the System Group Coaching program led by Josh, and now I have staff buy-in to the changes needed to run my company from an ‘outside and slightly elevated’ position. If you want to get your systems working then get Josh’s professional guidance.

Jared Fielding, Fielding Investments Inc.

Josh is accessible, fun to work with, and asks the tough questions to help you get laser focused on making more money. My business now has the strategy and foundation of documented systems and I’m seeing great results!

Mahesh Kolhe, Essaypoint

Great investment of time and money, I highly recommend working with Josh. I now have much more free time to work ON my business instead of IN my business… we’re way more efficient now. Thanks a lot Josh!

Sharon Desjarlais, Client Rich

Investing in WTS has been one of the most profitable decisions we’ve ever made…. Communications between team members is far more efficient and productive… and we’ve got a solid plan in place to continue scaling up our business in a way that actually frees us as owners. In a heartbeat, I recommend Josh and WTS Group Coaching to anyone who’s serious about creating a business that’s an asset rather than just another job.

Ray Norton, Rassas Battery Inc.

Josh guided me through the systemization process in a very logical way, with one step being solid preparation for the next. His experience is deep and he’s confident, and I couldn’t make a stronger recommendation for the program, no matter the type of business.

Shawna Schuh, Women in the Pet Industry Network

The Work the System system is terrific and I’m so pumped by the process of processes – I’m going to be a tweaker for the rest of my life! Thank you to Josh and his calm guidance as well as all the clear videos and materials – it keeps it flowing when it feels overwhelming. Call me a fan of WTS!

Ryan Flynn, Charmac Solutions

I really enjoyed Sam’s book but as the owner-operator of the business, I struggled to put the WTS methodologies into practice. The WTS coaching program helped immensely, breaking everything down into small, bite size pieces, week-over-week. Josh is a great instructor and provides lots of real world, practical examples to help convey each week’s message.

Eleanor Pinkney, Natural Perceptions Salon

The WTS Coaching Program taught me many valuable lessons. The most important lesson for me was to position myself as if I were looking down at my business and seeing all the moving parts. Josh helped me to see that, even though I own and work behind the chair in my salon. My true passion and my true self is being an education. I will take what I have learned from the WTS Coaching Program and implement it as an educator in the hair styling industry.

Saeed Rouhani, Camros Organic Eatery

It is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Josh has a passion for this work and really understands the material. He’s been a support by my side in facing the myriad daunting challenges in our business and in going to the next level. I highly recommend the WTS program, as it will build stronger entrepreneurs who can create better companies for themselves, their staff, and their customers. The success skills developed here are timeless and will last for life.

James Dunstan, The Vine LTD

Josh Fonger is a great complement to Sam Carpenter. His webinar presentations lent clarity and gave many practical examples to the material presented by Sam in his book. I am impressed by his clear-sighted business sense. With thanks to Josh, I was able to see exactly how I should change my business.

Wiley Long, Wiley Long Enterprises

Working on our Strategic Objective and General Operating Principles helped clarify my thinking. One-on-one meetings with Josh enabled us to get past some places we were stuck, and to speed up our overall documentation progress.

Pim Piepers, Piepers Audiovisuele Communicatie

After reading Sam Carpenter’s book ‘Work the System: the Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less’, I couldn’t wait to systemize my life and business. Luckily for me I was able to attend the WTS Group Coaching Program… the results I’m experiencing in my daily routine are simply amazing. It’s already the best (personal) business investment I’ve ever made.

Marla Martin, HSA for America

The WTS group coaching program helped our company put documentation in perspective as far as what processes are core to the business, and for identifying our procedure problem areas. We even picked up some tricks for gaining company participation and motivation.

Rafiza Rahim, Servis Stesyen Kembara “gas station”

I have read hundreds of books on business systems and management, but I never felt moved or motivated to actually change things. After reading Sam’s WTS I just felt that I had to dig deeper in it, hence the WTS Coaching Program. Josh has been wonderful, supplying me invaluable information on how to improve my business thus giving me more quality time for my personal life.

Joe Bowers, Small Business Authority

What is so great about this Program is the structure, content, delivery and how it is set out over just a few months – plus the example templates that are provided. Highly recommend

Perry Hildebrandt, Flooring Canada

Winging it was never OK, however we did OK… we thought. We have good people, however, from time to time we were held hostage by a good person. We are now creating a system that holds good people accountable, thanks to the Work The System Academy, and Coaching program.

Petra Varutoiu, IrisLemn

What I appreciated most about the Group Coaching program is the encouragement received, that such a robust change in the way of conducting day to day business is indeed possible… With the Work the System Coaching program don’t expect magic… but do expect a solid framework and practical tools that keep you going long after the initial enthusiasm of yet another great business solution has worn out.

Konrad Gastony, Paws & Pals Pet Resort

I highly recommend the WTS Coaching Program. I really like that Work The System and Transformational Coaching is grounded in reality and provides a practical approach to operating a successful business. Josh is highly professional and has provided numerous suggestions that immediately helped our business.

Rinus Viljoen, TGF Productions

From the word go, the WTS Group Coaching Program was as inspiring as I expected!

Paul Caswell, Caribbean Winds

The WTS Group Coaching Program has been an amazing experience; One that I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in taking their business to the next level. As Sam Carpenter says, “Once you ‘Get It’ there is no going back..”

Andrej Vargečko, Turbado

There are many courses available to help you with your business and most of them are a waste of time and money. This one is really different: it transformed our company. Everyone knows what to do and when to do it. Now my business is running like a clock.

Michael Shupp, Michael Anthony Furniture

The program has been very impactful for our company. We’ve been able to implement all aspects. We’re tweaking systems and establishing new ones to keep everything running smoothly and consistently. The program showed us the areas where a simple written working procedures could eliminate hours of work and wasted effort in bad communications. I highly recommend this program!

Zachary Sexton, Asian Efficiency

I recommend WTS Group Coaching to anyone who is serious about taking their business and their lives to the next level. I had read Work The System. I had listened to the audio book. I had even implemented much of what Sam recommends in my business. But working with Josh speeded up the process through a flood of new time and energy saving tips and examples that helped me see the direct benefits of the methodology.

Rob Foncannon, Foncannon Tax & Financial Services

The program really brought the concepts presented in the book to life. I can easily say that I would not have had as many successes and achieved as much as I have without the benefit of the training program. Josh is a hands on teacher and is very accessible. His knowledge of how to implement the system is second to none with the exception of Sam. I would not hesitate to refer the program to anyone interested in gaining control of their business.


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